Our vision is to be the first choice company for individuals, groups, and organizations in developing countries for provision of international professional development training and research, professional linkage, and learning resources procurement services.

Our mission is to enable individuals, groups, and organizations to achieve their personal and professional goals through provision of quality services. S.G. International, LLC achieves its mission through provision of training, research, and business services.

S.G. International, LLC designs, offers and coordinates field- and sector-specific international trainings focusing on in-demand knowledge and skills, best practices, and innovations for workforce professional development. S.G. International, LLC’s trainings are offered on the basis of requests and/or identified needs; especially for individuals, groups, and organizations in developing countries. Based on needs and requests, we include choices of within- and/or cross-specialization business meetings, appropriate site visits, tours and entertainments as part of training experience.

Trainings culminate in award of a certificate of attendance and participation.

S.G. International, LLC also provides research services for business and project development, growth, expansion, and sustainability. Furthermore, S.G. International, LLC provides business services to government agencies, universities, schools, organizations, and business entities in developing countries. Our business services focus on provision of procurement of learning resources and professional linkage services for recruiting resources for business activities and infrastructural development and improvement.

Our network of trainers and researchers are world class professionals with recognized credentials and long standing experiences in their fields.

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